Digital Content and Graphic Designer

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Website Design - Professor/Public Scholar

This personal website was done for a professor and public scholar. Gaining popularity from her compelling non-fiction trade books, it was clear she needed a website separate from her faculty web page that highlighted her work beyond academia. We decided to design a website for her that put her trade books at the fore, as well as her constantly-expanding library of written works in the media. This website was created to feature her work as a public scholar and spotlighting her achievements as an academic. The website is on the first Google SERP for her name. Platform used is Squarespace. (Web Design)

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Website Design - Consulting Group

This website was created for a small consulting group whose services are geared towards conceptualizing best-practice solutions for projects in Africa. Working closely with the client, I designed a website that was not only a representation of their expertise and professionalism, but also incorporated the beauty of Africa and its connection to the world. The platform used is Wordpress; theme coded using the Genesis Framework. (Web Design)

Rebranded Marketing Campaign - University Academic Department

In an effort to attract potential majors and minors, we came up with a marketing style guide to provide consistency among all the digital and printed assets as part of a larger campaign geared towards the undergraduate population. All assets were created on Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. (Graphic Design; Branding)

Twitter Engagement Campaign - University Academic Department

To celebrate Black History Month and to redefine the purpose of a particular university academic department’s Twitter page, we launched a month-long Twitter campaign featuring important figures who have helped shaped the scholarly and social work of the department. All graphics were created on Adobe Photoshop CC. (Social Copy; Graphic Design)

Event Flyers - University Academic Department

Digital and printed assets for events being sponsored by a university’s academic department. All assets created in Adobe Photoshop CC. (Graphic Design


Branding and Logo Design - Wedding and Events Planner

A small business aimed towards wedding and event planning needed a more cohesive branding structure as it begins to expand and gain more clients. Taking the business owner’s desired color scheme and design elements, we came up with a feminine logo design and cultivated the overall look of the business’ brand. All graphics were created with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. (Graphic Design; Branding)

Social Media Graphics - University Academic Department

To announce and attract students to enroll in classes being offered during the Fall 2019 semester, social media graphics were created in place of “class cards”. These graphics offer information about the classes in a visually appealing format. All graphics created in Adobe Photoshop CC. (Graphic Design)